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Post by Dave on Tue Feb 19, 2008 5:36 pm

Here are some simple rules to run through. First off, swearing is allowed, but over use of swearing is forbidden. Secondly, no idiots please. Don't spam, post porn, etc. Just be good little kids and talk about FotC.

Also no advertising unless you get my permission. You can advertise only in your sig. You need my permission to advertise in the Community.

First offense, I'll give you a warning.

Second offense, I'll warn you for the last time.

Third offense, I'll ban you for a possible week depending on the severity of the offense.

Fourth offense, I'll ban you indefinitely.

Anything that is considered porn, extremely offensive, the member who posted it will be banned indefinitely.

If you feel as though you were banned for no reason, or if you think your offense wasn't enough for a ban, than please contact me, or any of the moderators for further information.

Now go and enjoy the forum, post a lot, be respectful of everyone, and don't act stupid.

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